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Sports & Activities

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Sports & Activities


Sports represent an integral part of the ISC-Doha experience. From afterschool sports to events that include your whole family, to international competitions and summer camps, ISC-Doha offers something for athletes at all skill levels.

Sports Facilities

ISC-Doha boasts truly outstanding sports facilities that are used for P.E. classes as well as for numerous organized sports activities during the week and on weekends throughout the year.

Our sports facilities include a semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool where our students learn to swim and refine their swimming techniques during P.E. lessons and where the school's various swim teams practice regularly.

The school has a very large and well-equipped sports hall, which can be sub-divided for various class activities. We have a full-sized, indoor\outdoor basketball courts with electronic score board for official matches. Our sports hall is also equipped for badminton, gymnastics, football, and volleyball and ballet.

Our outdoor sports facilities are truly splendid. We also have state-of the-art running track, and track and field areas.


At ISC-Doha, we believe that student engagement in a multitude of activities is important for their wellbeing and for their development. In line with this belief, we encourage and celebrate our students’ participation and achievements in all domains such as sports, music, drama, and the arts.

ISC-Doha offers a variety of interesting clubs and activities for students, both during the school day and after school. Activities include arts and crafts, dance, ballet, chess, choir, debating, drama, film, IT, drumming, and science. Sports are offered through the sports club and include badminton, basketball, golf, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field/cross country, and volleyball.

Through these enriching clubs and activities our students learn many new skills, challenge themselves, and have lots of fun!


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