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During the academic year, the school may take photographs, film videos, webcam recordings, and/or voice recordings (Materials) of the students. Such Materials may be filmed by the school during school hours and regular classrooms, school events, SABIS® events, activities promoting school programs or promoting SABIS®, sporting events, classroom events and/or additional school or regional activities, or as part of general testimonials or provided by the student or the parent and shared with the School. The Materials may be used in marketing campaigns with goals and purposes including but not limited to promoting the School and SABIS®, their educational products, and activities including extra- curricular activities (Purpose). These Materials may be used in digital and print format through SABIS Educational Services SAL and on school websites, social media pages, news bulletins, billboards, newsletters and ads and may be shared with other SABIS® companies and member Schools in the SABIS® Network to be used for the Purpose.
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