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Photography & Filming Consent

During the academic year, the school may take photographs, film videos, webcam recordings, and/or voice recordings (Materials) of the students. Such Materials may be filmed by the school during school hours and regular classrooms, school events, SABIS® events, activities promoting school programs or promoting SABIS®, sporting events, classroom events and/or additional school or regional activities, or as part of general testimonials or provided by the student or the parent and shared with the School. The Materials may be used in marketing campaigns with goals and purposes including but not limited to promoting the School and SABIS®, their educational products, and activities including extra- curricular activities (Purpose). These Materials may be used in digital and print format through SABIS Educational Services SAL and on school websites, social media pages, news bulletins, billboards, newsletters and ads and may be shared with other SABIS® companies and member Schools in the SABIS® Network to be used for the Purpose.
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Photo Release Consent:

Family Data
1st Guardian (the primary contact school reports to and sends official correspondance)

2nd Guardian

Siblings (if any)

Father or Mother Graduate of a SABIS® Network school

Emergency Contact (other than guardian)
Please list 2 people that can be contacted in case of accidents or other emergencies
Applicant's Required Documents
  1. A copy of student’s Citizen Population Register (CPR) card (both sides)
  2. A valid copy of the student’s passport and residence visa
    • A valid copy of the father’s passport
    • A copy of the father’s Qatar ID
    • A valid copy of the mother’s passport
    • A copy of the mother’s Qatar ID
  3. Student’s original Birth Certificate with a photocopy (translated into English or Arabic)
  4. Three (3) recent colored passport photographs
  5. A copy of the student’s vaccination record
  6. Upon Admission: recent school report (translated into English) with a registration letter from the current school
  7. End-of-year report (translated into English) and a school transfer certificate attested to be submitted before school starts
    • Transfers from inside Qatar: certificates to be attested by Ministry of Education in Qatar
    • Transfers from outside Qatar: certificates to be attested by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Qatar in the country where student is attending, and the Ministry of Education in Qatar.
Documents Upload
Medical Information

If yes, please specify: why, dose and frequency

If yes, please specify: when and what for?

If yes, please explain

If yes, please explain

If yes, please explain

Does your child suffer from any of the following conditions?

Condition Yes/No Medication
Asthma (الربو الصدري)
Diabetes (السكري)
Epilepsy (داء الصرع)
Hay Fever (الحساسية الربيعية - الحمى الربيعية )
Tuberculosis (السل)
Eczema (الاكزيما)
Heart Disease (أمراض القلب)

Does your child have an allergy history?

Others, please explain

Please specify

Please specify

Inoculations / Vaccination

Has your child had any of the following inoculations? If yes, please fill in the date of the last vaccine.

Vaccine Yes/No Last taken vaccine
BCG - (السل (الدرن
Hepatitis B (إلتهاب الكبد الوبائي B)
MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) - (حصبة (حصبة ألمانية، أبو كعب
Chicken Pox (جدري الماء)
DPT (diphteria, tetanus, pertussis) - ثلاثي خانوق، شاهوق، كزاز
Polio (OPV) - شلل الأطفال
HIB (haemophilus influenza)- هيموفيلوس إنفلونزا - السحايا
DT (diphtheria, tetanus) - الخانوق، الكزاز
Rotarix - فيروس الروتا
Hepatitis A (إلتهاب الكبد الوبائي A)
Meningitis (السحايا)
Typhoid (التيفوئيد)
Others (Please specify)

Has your child suffered from any of the following illnesses?

Measles (الحصبة)
Mumps (أبو كعب)
German Measles (الحصبة الألمانية)
Chicken Pox (جدري الماء)
Tuberculosis (السل)
Whooping Cough (السعال الديكي)
Others? (Please state)
Thank you for submitting the application for your child(ren) to The International School of Choueifat,.

Only one application per student is to be submitted to any SABIS® School within the same country for any specific academic year. In the event of more than one application being submitted, parents are kindly requested to inform the administration and seek written approval. Failure to inform the school warrants the rejection of both applications; and any related fees will be non-refundable.

I acknowledge that I am submitting an application for my child(ren), and that the application will be kept on file and processed subject to the school’s needs for new registration. Moreover, I am aware that my application is held on file without any commitment from the school towards offering a place and admission is NOT guaranteed. Furthermore, I understand that any subsequent steps in processing the application (e.g. interview / testing) do not guarantee a place for my child(ren).

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